Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014-Week 17- The final finals

We have our first daffodil this morning. The flow of little blue flowers across the back yard grows daily. I was outside yesterday evening about 8. The deep blue color positively glowed. It was one of those magic moments that you know will never be captured in a picture.
We had many windows in the house open yesterday and I even would have likely non flannel sheets last night.
Spring is here. Spring is here. Spring is here.

To top off the week we are having a steady rain today. We can really use it. It is also an occasion to stay inside and give those garden muscles a rest.

The contest is coming to a close.
In last week's interlude voting Team Orange ran away from Team Pink. In fact it was no real contest. The score was 38 to 18.

Now is the time to pick the overall winner for this year’s contest. You picked the three contestants.

First up is the crocus croup shot. It is about as purple as it can get. The picture was taken on March 15, 2012.

Second is that wonderful trillium picture. This was taken on March 20, 2012. While this plant is up at the moment it is still at least a week away from blooming.

Finally there is Hosta Liberty. There have not been many Hosta sightings yet this spring.

So vote away. Which of these three shall wear the crown.

I will continue to post the blog after this week. I am already selecting pictures for htis coming fall. But let us not even think about winter, whether the past one or the one to come.
Enjoy the spring.

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