Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30, 2014-Week 15- Spring is pretty much here

While we had a few inches of snow on Monday night, it is in the 60’s as this is posted. The first aconite should bloom any time now and today there is the first crocus. The first crocus this year edged out the first aconite. That is unusual. I expect I will say that often this year. I understand there are daffodils in Missouri, as that magical daffodil line creeps north.

Last week I observed that garden work had begun. Now I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed by how much work there is to do. My incremental approach of doing a little bit here and there is just not going to get it all done. So maybe it will not get all done right away.

One way this spring is remarkable is its contrast to 2012. This year we are having a late spring. In 2012 we had an early spring. Let me provide you with these contrasting pictures.
First here is a picture of our front yard yesterday, March 29, 2014, taken from the east.

Here is the same view from March 31, 2012.

On to the show.
Last week you picked the picture of the trillium, a wildflower that comes at high spring.

The full voting last week was:
Trillium 21
Close up of cereus 20
Peony 11
Dffodil 4
So now let us move on to Week 15. This is Week 3 of the playoffs as you pick the final contestant for the final 3.

Here is your first entry this week. It is the zany daffodil rip Van Winkle. This picture was taken on April 26, 2013, a closer to normal spring. This picture tied for first in the voting in Week 2.

The second entry is another crocus picture. This picture was taken on March 13, 2012. I do so look forward to the crocuses. This was your winner in week 1.
This close-up winner from week 6 is the waterlily, just reaching out to grab your attention. It certainly was a good year for closeups.

Finally here is Liberty in all the glory of the bluebells. Liberty was the winner in Week 11. Could this be the year that a picture of a host wins everything?

There you have it. Vote this week for your picture to advance to the final finals.
For your bonus pictures this week here are pictures from the garden today, a perfectly glorious day, with lots of sunshine, and the first crocus of the year.
That’s it for this week. It is now time to look for the daily surprise.


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