Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014- More big pictures to get through the winter-Week 10

We have been in Chicago for the weekend. For that reason this is a short post.

I had originally thought that we would have 10 weeks of pictures and then 3 weeks of runoffs with the winners. The idea was to give you pictures until it was spring.
It is time to extend the season to get through the winter. I say that as I listen to the howling of the wind (Thursday night) and know that the blizzard missed us in Iowa City by 50 miles. Then there are the sub zero temperatures coming this week to Iowa City.

I actually have this nifty idea for another season extending session one of these weeks. I have thought about a team competition. I am open to suggestions. Come on now-participate. What teams would you like to see? There could be team daffodils. Team poppies. Or even team barrel cactus. There could also be team-yellow or team white. A group of say 4 pictures could compete against other teams of 4 pictures. It would be fun.

On to the show.
Here is a picture of that winner you picked during pink week. It was the tree peony nosing out the lupine.

The full voting was:
TreePeony23 Lupine 20
impatiens 9
Lilium 9
Here is week number 10.
Back by popular demand I give you more big pictures.
The first picture is another lilium picture. I think it is Black Beauty.

The second picture is this bejeweled alium. It is one of those flowers that is so much more impressive up close.

This third picture is just a whole bunch of crocuses. It is a whole bunch of purple.

The last picture is an Asiatic lily, with bug.

There you have it. Vote away. Come see them in the garden this summer.

So now for one of my favorite parts of the weekly post. Here are the bonus or extra pictures. I found a few more bigs.

That’s it for this week. Stay off the ice. Find some sunshine.
Keep sending me those emails.


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