Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 18- March 25,2012- And the winner is----The Water lily.

Welcome to Week 18, the final week of this winter’s picture contest.

Spring has officially arrived. The contest is at an end. Here is your winner.

The full voting this past week in the final week was as follows:
Water lily 14+2
Pink Poppy 14
Primrose 7
Peony 7
Pasque flower 6

It has been a good contest. I hope you have enjoyed it. We had tie votes. We had some great pictures. There were a few changes in the format, which I hoped you enjoyed. You picked some pictures that surprised me at times. We got through the winter, which was easier than most winters to outlast.
And it is on to a new season. Already I am seeing pictures that could show up next January when it will certainly be my intent to do it all over again.
That’s it for now. There are no other pictures this week. The winner has center stage.

The blog will be back next weekend with real time pictures and reports from the garden. As you can imagine, as I sometimes say, there are a few things going on out there.

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Catherine Woods said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful contest which continues to help me through the short days of winter. I'm really looking forward to new pictures as you get your 2012 garden under way. Plus, I feel wonderful about this year's winner being "The Water Lily" -- it's a gorgeous flower and a fantastic photo.