Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 15- March 4,2012- Snow?

Welcome to week 15 of the Sixth Annual Mears Garden Picture contest.

As of the middle of the week our garden in Iowa was beginning to explode. The crocuses and the daffodils, while not blooming, were all emerging. The second and third generation aconite had joined their relatives that had been blooming for a month. As of Thursday there was even a blooming crocus, even if I did not get a good picture. (It was tiny.)
So then on Friday it snowed. It was a wet snow of maybe 2 inches. It will be gone soon, as the forecast is that it will warm up to 60 by Tuesday.

I can give you this report on the daffodil line, as it creeps north as winter fades away. We went to southern Missouri last weekend. Daffodils are blooming there, but only in the sheltered places. The daffodils out in the open are still in bud. But daffodils even in the sheltered places count for a lot.
In Missouri there were crocuses blooming out away from the foundations. I guess the crocus line just is a little ahead of the daffodil line.

Let me give you just a few other Missouri comments. The theme is signs. As we drove through central Missouri we saw the handwritten sign that said, “Mules for Sale- call Bob.” The City of Springfield has put up extensive written directions for use of the walk lights. Our favorite billboard loudly proclaimed that you could get “24 hour dentures”. A gas station had a sign advertising they had “pay at the pump”.
That reminded me of a sign for one of the rest areas on the interstate highway in eastern Iowa a few years ago. The sign said there were “modern facilities.” We understood this meant, “flush toilets”.

The weather was warmer in Missouri. It was a good 20 degrees warmer than Iowa, allowing us to shed those winter coats for walks around town. I celebrated by getting and planting a flat of pansies at my mother’s house.

But let’s get on to the contest.

In last weeks voting the second final four contestant was selected. That will be the red and yellow primrose.
The full voting was
Primrose 30
Double bloodroot 16
Hellebore 11
Iris 6

In this week’s contest here are the contestants.

First up is this elegant water lily.

Next is the deep red poppy, called Beauty of Livermore.

Third is the every popular daisy.

Finally here is a plant I also planted at my mother’s this past weekend, the purple pasque flower.

Vote away.

For your bonus pictures here are a few pictures from this week in the garden. Please note the second and third generation aconite. Those would be the little ones that are just emerging now. I don’t expect they will bloom this year but they give promise of years to come.

Then there is this great snow picture. These early bloomers are not effected by the cold, even though as I think about it, it really wasn’t that cold- maybe 28-29.
Please also note the crocus buds.
It is suppose to be 60 on Tuesday. I expect the crocus explosion will be loud.

These last two pictures are the same clump of aconite with a snowdrop friend. The first picture was Thursday. The second one was taken Saturday.


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