Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden news- May 1, 2011- Bluebells

There are bluebells all over. I have had bluebells for years. I really don’t remember where they came from. Maybe there were a few when we moved in 29 years ago. I certainly don’t remember them. I know I did not go buy them from garden center. Actually I have never seen them at a garden center. You can buy them from some bulb catalogues.
I find it amusing that people will buy them as bulbs. (Their bulb looks like a carrot.) It is sort of like buying lilies of the valley.
In any event they spread and now are most places except for a few places where I discourage them.
They are wonderful in so many ways.
They bloom and then get out of the way. They will be all gone by June 1.
They spread, which is not surprising given the fact that every flower will become a seed.
They make such a wonderful contrast with so many other plants. Daffodils- good. Big hosta- good. Little plants- not so good. They can crowd things out.

So here are bluebells in the garden-2011.

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Catherine Woods said...

Bluebells galore - hurray!