Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden news- May 1, 2011- Another 3 posts in one day

Please note that there are 3 separate posts this week.

From every corner of the garden comes some gem these days. I discovered some lupine seedlings this afternoon, in an area that had seemed empty. Not so. You just have to look long enough and you will see the gems that you overlooked before, or maybe just showed up.
The bluebells have been peaking. The epimedium are better and better. There was even another double bloodroot, giving me the almost perfect single flower picture of a double bloodroot. Watch for it in November.

So I will give you some pink pictures for voting this week.

First up is this inside of a small tulip.

Then there is the best pulmonaria in my opinion, raspberry splash. It has a good name too.

Here is a close up of epimedium Cherry Tart.

Finally there is this daffodil. It is what I refer to as a designer daffodil. A friend gave me this bulb last summer. It is one of the daffodils created by a family named Mitsch. Maybe I told you about this family last year. They have been hybridizing daffodils since 1930. Here is their webcite.

Mitsch Daffodils

On the other hand check out the prices. Most daffodils from bulb companies cost 50 cents to maybe $1.50 each. These daffodils from the Mitsch company can be…let’s just say… much more.
If you had an unlimited budget…why go there?

So which of these do you like?

In last week’s voting the order of finish was:
Leucojum 16
Tulip 13
Hosta 11
Epimedium 6

Enjoy the week

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Catherine Woods said...

Had to choose the pulmonaria this week -- I love the link between the flower and the lungs!