Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garden news- April 17, 2011- some great pictures

Greetings and welcome to high spring in Iowa.
After a week off I have lots of posts and pictures for you this week. I have posted separate posts all about hellebores and bloodroot today. Then there is this post giving you three in one day. Would that make it a “hat trick”? Why is it called a “hat trick” or do you even know what I am talking about?

The garden is exploding. The bluebells have started and will peak in another week or so. We had a nice rain yesterday and now the temperatures will stay on the cool side, but still above freezing. I can put more plants outside, keeping a watch on that 10 day forecast.

In addition to the special posts this week, I have four great pictures for those of you who just like to vote for something

First is the double bloodroot, a real gem.

Second is an anemone blanda, that is purple. I like it that the plant is called blanda, meaning white, but it comes in a variety of colors, like this purple.

Third is this simple daffodil. There is something majestic about simplicity sometimes.

Finally there is the double hellebore, with a little assist from my hand. Sometimes a little boost is necessary.

Have at it.

For those of you with memories and curiosity in the extra voting from two weeks ago from crocus pictures:

White clump 18
Tricolor clump 14
Striped clump 4
Lots of clumps 2

That’s it from here.
Enjoy the spring. The trees have started their show.


Catherine Woods said...

Thanks so much for your "hat trick" -- I loved learning about bloodroot and hellebores, plus it's always fun to vote (even when I am torn between two favorites as I was this week with the bloodroot and the daffodil). Your garden inspires me to explore possibilities in mine. Thanks again for these wonderful photos and descriptive texts!

Judith said...

There are hostas up in the hospital courtyard--having large buildings on four sides probably helps.