Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mears Garden Picture Contest-Week 16- March 20, 2011- Real time snowdrops

Welcome to week 16 of the Garden Picture contest.

What a glorious time. The temperature has spiked and I have put on shorts for the first time of the spring. There are flowers all over the place.
The first crocus bloomed on Wednesday. It was this little yellow one. I could make it a sign. It would say “first crocus.” Others were not far behind. The pink tommasinianus crocuses followed. They are the ones that supposedly the squirrels do not like. And then there is the aconite. It is all over the place. I must make my first 2011 note to myself. Plant those pink early crocuses in with the aconite. They do bloom at the same time. How do you remember where to plant these tiny bulbs, months later, when the foliage is done? Take pictures- where the goal is just to remember where things were. My little camera has a small memory movie function. It even has sound. You can literally make a note to yourself on the movie.

As the flowers arrive, so do the bees. I can just imagine that first bee going out from wherever bees live over the winter. The bee checks out the yard, like the bird on Noah’s ark. At first there are no flowers. They can all stay asleep longer. Then the snowdrops arrive. By the time the aconite is blooming the bees are busy again. It is no wonder that aconite seeds get fertilized. The ratio of bee to flower is rather high.

How about the contest?
Last week the winner was the leucojum, giving us 3 of the final four.
The full voting was
Leocojum 27
Crocuses 16
Bloodroot 13
Pansies 5

In this week’s contest there are plenty of bright colors.

First up is the yellow fritillaria. Some of these fritillaries were actually coming up now in the warmer microclimates in the garden.

Second is this dark pink orchid cactus. Who said that red and pink cannot go together?

Third is this brightly colored primrose. My second note to myself is to get more primroses. Actually that might have been a note to myself from when I posted this picture in the contest.

Finally here is a wonderful Japanese iris. It is fitting that you see the last iris of the year about the time that the first one will bloom in the garden. The little riticulata iris have emerged and should have bloomed by next weekend.

Vote away.

For your bonus pleasure here are pictures from this week.
They need no introduction.

If you are in the neighborhood just come by. It is a rather exciting time of the year.
Philip Mears

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