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Special garden post, February 21, 2010- Fundraiser for Haiti

Update- 2-18-10
The nicer frames are available for less money than I thought. I can get them for closer to $25 each. That is still retail cost. I am going to try for a wholesale price. Stay tuned.
A few more pictures have been added. Please remember that any picture on the blog is available for this fundraise. I just cannot put them all on this post.

As you know from my posts, our daughter Katie is now in Haiti, working for Episcopal Relief and Development, ERD. Episcopal Relief and Development She had been hired to coordinate disaster preparedness and response in this country. But then along came an earthquake, so she is now in Haiti. It is not clear how long she will be there. Here is the work that she is coordinating.
ERD current work in Haiti
It has been my resolve to try to help. I have decided to sell pictures of the garden, many displayed on this blog, to raise money for the ERD relief effort in Haiti.
So here goes. Please keep in mind that I mostly do not know what I am doing. This is also a work in progress. Any suggestions are appreciated and even requested.

Big pictures for sale. I make the prints.

I have arranged with a local photography store in Iowa City to print big pictures from the garden at a discount price. The prints are about 11X14 on 13X19 paper. It is a matte finish and there are nice wide margins. I have pictures printed of about a dozen photographs. They have really turned out well.

So here is what I think. The prints here in Iowa City will be for sale for $50 each. My cost is $9.00. The rest is the donation to ERD.


I am still working on this. If you order pictures I will get them printed within 48 hours and I will get them to you. If you live outside Iowa City I am not sure how this will work.

Pictures for sale- You make the prints.

If you live outside of Iowa City I will email you the full size electronic image for a $25 contribution. You can then do with the image as you want. If you want to have a local store print big pictures or little pictures that is up to you. The only think I ask is that you do not resell the pictures without my permission.

Do your own fundraising.

If you would like to help raise money for this effort I will provide you with pictures either by email or CD. My sister in law put a poster together and offered the pictures for sale on Sunday at her church.

Any picture is for sale on the blog

I have set out the 16 pictures that I picked out for an initial set of pictures for people to consider. All the pictures on the blog over the years are still stored on my computer. If there is any picture that you would like to purchase tell me and we will make it work.

I am trying to figure this one out. You can make out two checks, one to ERD for $41 and one to me for $9. I wish there was a better way so will think some more.

These are not framed pictures. As you can guess framing can be expensive. There are ready made frames at the local arts supply store. Right now I can get them for around $25. I am looking for a less expensive price. Stay tuned. You should be able to just fit the picture into either of those frames easily.
I checked with a local frame place and they said they would just be too expensive for them to frame the pictures. They suggested getting one of the ready made frames. So it goes.

The pictures are not listed in any special order. They are numbered for your ease in identifying them and in placing order.
This is picture #1, the blue morning glory from 2009.

This is #2, a peach Iceland Poppy from 2009.

This is #3 a white Iceland poppy form 2009.

This is #4, an orange Oriental poppy from 2009.

This is #5, a caladium grouping from 2007.

This is #6, Shirley, the tulip from 2008.

This is #7, a white Oriental poppy called royal Wedding from 2008.

This is #8, a daylily called Delmar from 2008.

This is #9, a Japanese anemone from 2008.

This is #10, a red Iceland poppy from 2006.

This is #11, a calla lily from 2006.

#12 is the pink waterlily, the contest winner from 2007. Actually the picture was from 2007. The contest was 07-08.

#13 is the white water lily from 2007.

#14 is a closeup of a daylily, probably Delmar again from 2007.

#15 is the winning picture in March 2007. That was the first contest held, before the log began.

#16 is a Siberian Iris that was the wining picture in March 2009, one year ago

So there you have it.
Haiti is going to need help for a long time.

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