Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 10- January 31, 2010- Picture contest

Week 10- my oh my. January is at an end, and February will be as short as ever. I am planting seeds and watching for the first patches of snow free ground.
But on the to show.

This last week, the big winner was the February picture of snowdrops. I must admit that when we had a few days of temperatures over freezing, ten days ago, I did glance around for snowdrops. I did not see any. But soon it will be time. The light comes more and more every day.

The voting this past week was the following:
Snowdrop 33
Orange poppy 17
mystery close-up 16
Sumatra 7
Total 73

By the way the mystery closeup was a waterlily. In the bonus pictures this week there is the further away picture, letting you see the marvelous center of the flower.
I like the contestants this week, which is week 10.

The first picture is the jewell of the fall garden, the toad lily. This picture, taken on August 22 was just about the first one of these plants to bloom in the garden this past year. I think I had toad lilies blooming right up until November.
This next picture is an appropriately named daylily called Night Embers. This dark red picture, moving on towards black, was taken on June 30, the early end of the daylily season.
This next picture is another Iceland poppy. I have talked about how this variety is about as photogenic of any flower in the garden. What would you call the color? I guess peach might be it. Every flower can keep the photographer going or some time.

Finally here is another blue picture, this time an anemone blanda. This picture was taken on April 17, a date that is now less than 90 days away. These anemones really do spread, forming nice clumps, maybe 3-4 inches high, in colors ranging from white to blue with some stops along the way.

Have a grand timing picking from amongst these pictures.
Katie update- After a few days back in New York City, Katie flew back to the Dominican Republic today. She will be there for maybe a week, this time spending a few nights in Port au Prince. I continue to work on plans for fundraising with these garden pictures. I would hope to have details available by next weekend. Please keep Haiti in your thoughts.
Here is Katie's organization
Episcopal Relief and Development


For the bonus pictures this week I have given you the waterlily, a few other anemones, and some more Iceland poppies. There cannot be too many Iceland poppies.


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