Saturday, December 19, 2009

Special garden post, December 20, 2009- Daffodils

So this post is all about daffodils. There are pinks and yellows and whites and singles and doubles. There are just so many varieties. Did I mention big and little?
There should really be enough so that you can cut some and take them places. Try one in your bathroom or on your kitchen counter. They would be particularly nice in a vase on your desk at work.
For a lovely flower I guess they do not taste good. Deer do not like them. They do like tulips. I like tulips. Am I a deer? I should stop writing now. Let's just have pictures.

So there you have some of the daffodils in the garden. Add some bluebells, with a dash of other spring bulbs and it can be quite something.
Enjoy the holidays.

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