Thursday, December 24, 2009

Picture Contest- Week 5- December 27, 2009

Welcome to whimsy week at the contest. For the contest this week the entries are a little odd. Speaking of odd...
This pumpkin is now a holiday tradition at our garden. I have plant hangers throughout the garden. In the fall the plants have to come inside. For several years I have hung pumpkins in their places. This one is one of our Thanksgiving specials.

By the way, I have observed that more daylight is finally here!! I saw on the weather channel this morning that tomorrow will have one more minute of daylight than today. It is happening. We have turned the corner. Isn’t that more positive than thinking that winter has just begun?

This is a somewhat abbreviated post as we are on the road with family.
In last week’s contest there was a spirited two-flower contest between the daffodil and the tulip. As groups of flowers they do tend to dominate/ and perhaps compete in the early spring presentation. Did you know that they have very different chemical compositions? When you pick flowers you are not suppose to put daffodils and tulips in the same container of water, at least right away.After all deer do not like daffodils but they do like tulips. Have I said that before?

The Monsella tulips was the winner

The full voting last week was
Tulip 19 for 36.5%
Daffodil 18 for 34.6%
Impatiens 9 for 17.3%
Peony 6 for 11.5%
Total 52


But on to this week’s contest.

Particularly given the success of the Fritillaria a few weeks ago, for this week’s contest I decided to have it be all about
Whimsy. That seems to be a good way to celebrate the Holidays.

First up I have this Oriental poppy with helmet. Just before they bloom the seed head bursts open and for a short time remains on top of the flower to be.

Second is this set of balloons, with the appropriate Christmas colors no less. Actually this is the seed head of a jack in the pulpit.

This next picture is of the daffodil Rip Van Winkle. It looks like it was given a bolt of electricity. You have to ask yourself how can this be a daffodil. What is it about plants that get them grouped together? This certainly doesn’t look like last week’s contestant.

Finally here is this absolutely marvelous picture of the center of an Oriental poppy. You can just imagine some treasure secured in this magic box in the center of this flower.

There you have the all-whimsical contest for this Holiday season. Vote away.

For your magical bonus section this week I have poppy seed heads, over the years.

Stay safe.