Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mears Garden news- Summer week 9- August 16, 2009

I am a lawyer when I am not in my garden. I often represent people who have done bad things. Many of them are in prison. I help them the best I can.
My garden at times is my escape, my way to keep my life balanced. When I am frustrated at work I need to come home and find something growing that is new and wonderful.

While this stark contrast between my work and my garden is evident, I am struck by how my work and my garden have a lot in common.
Both contain a lot of really interesting things.
Some things in each area are new, and I haven’t quite figured them out yet.
In another way my work and my garden are very alike. They both have the capacity to overwhelm me at times. Sometimes I think there is just too much to do and I will never get it all done.
One way I cope is to find a little corner and clean up that corner. I weed the immediate area. I organize a file. Then I focus on that little corner and get some satisfaction.
What is hard is going back into that weedy corner and trying to make some sense out of it. There are bugs there. The weeds are about all you see. And on top of everything else, it is too hot, or too dry.

So that’s how I have been. Sorry I skipped a week. The pictures and my attitude just were not there last weekend. So over a two-week period I did find some pictures for you.

First there is this Rudbeckia, maybe called autumn colors. They say if you deadhead them they will keep blooming. Let me just add that to the to-do list.

I thought about not identifying this next picture and letting you guess. Whatever. It is a jack-in-the-pulpit seed head. I think each one of those little balloons will be a seed for a little jack.

Here is another picture of the waterlily. What can I say? It is just about perfect. Maybe that little bug on one of the petals is necessary for some reason.

Finally here is a morning glory. I think morning glories may be one of the cures for the August blues in the garden. I haven’t grown them for years. I have tried them this year on a trellis, up a telephone pole and in pots hanging from the trees. I think they will go into the “more next year” category. What else is there to do with a telephone pole? And there is that excitement when they first open. And at least this year they have not opened until August.


When you last voted you liked the close-up of the double daylily Savannah Knockout.

For your bonus pleasure here are late daylilies, the red lobelia, variety Cardinalis, the first toad lily, and one of the big white hosta flowers.

Have a good week.

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Dave said...

I think this is your strongest line-up ever, Phil. Have to admit that the waterlily pic is a dead-ringer for last year's.