Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 18- March 16- 5 days until Spring

The winner in this Winter’s picture contest is
The Purple Iris.
Here is your winner once again.

The Iris closed with a solid email group of votes, that overcame the electronic poll vote lead of the Pink Orchid cactus.

Here were the details
Purple Iris 17+8=25 for 30.8%
Pink Orchid Cactus 19+2=21 for 27.3%
White Poppy 17+2=19 for 24.7%
Monsella tulip 10+2=12 for 15.6%
Total voting 63+14=77

I must say that it was an excellent field. You did a great job in picking pictures this year. There were no losers in this group.

We were in Springfield, Missouri this weekend visiting my mother. We did not get back until last night, which is why this post is a little late. I can report that the daffodil line is clearly in central. Missouri. The forsythia is out in southern Missouri and I even saw a few dandelions. What is it about the color yellow?

The contest is over. With a little more time I will have a final post about this contest and the garden next weekend as Spring arrives.
For your weekly picture fix however I invite you back to last year’s contest. Here are just some of the contestants from garden year 2007.

Enjoy the arrival of Spring.

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