Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 14- February 15- 33 days until Spring

February is half gone. I am just as glad that February is short. Imagine trading 2-3 days in July for a full February. No thank you. As far as I am concerned they can make January short too and just have all the warm months from April to October be 31 days. It would be easier to remember too.

All the snow did disappear by Wednesday of this past week. We actually had record or close to record warm days on Monday and Tuesday. It was 57 and 60, after highs of 14 and 15 less than a week before. The snowdrops came out. See the bonus section at the bottom of this post. On the other hand it then snowed enough to cover everything Friday night. There will not be much yard work this weekend.

On the other hand my seeds are sprouting. I have little lupines and Iceland poppies. And the amaryllis are deciding that it is their time too. Four have sprouted, foretelling a colorful March. There is always the question with amaryllis whether to make them completely dormant or let them sit in a sunny window and just not get much water. I do some of both. I am here to tell you that either way will give you rebloom.

On to the contest.
In the first runoff contest the Monsella tulip pulled away and was the winner. There was strong support for the bluebells. If you are in the neighborhood you must come by the yard in late April for the bluebells. They really are special.
Here is the tale of the tape. The first number is the poll results from the blog. The second number is the email vote.

Monsella Tulip 23+6=29 for 43.3%
White Crocus 7+1=8 for 11.9%
Bluebells 16+2=18 for 26.9%
Coneflowers 12 for 17.9%
Totals 58+9=67
For this week there is quite the group of contestants.

First the is the majestic waterlily. It needs no introduction.

Second is the Siberian iris, Jeweled crown. I love iris, all the way from April to July. These Siberian iris are just about the best. That may just be because I have not yet mastered Louisiana iris. I think they may be the future, even in the north.

Third is the orange Oriental poppy. From its crepe paper petals to the treasure box in the middle, this flower gives you pictures for weeks.

Finally there is the quiet beauty of the fall crocus. This picture is all the more wonderful because it was taken in November. (It was that late because it was planted in September. This next year it will not be so late.)

What a collection. Vote away.
For your bonus enjoyment here are snowdrops. You can match the pictures taken on Thursday with those taken on Saturday. These little bulbs are just so amazing in their capacity to withstand the weather. In the first picture you can see the one that has actually opened.

Enjoy the week. Spring is around the corner.

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