Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picture contest- week 3- November 30

Welcome again to the Third Annual Mears Garden Picture contest- week 3. We woke up this morning in Iowa City to maybe 2 inches of snow. It is enough to make us all realize that there has been a change in the season. I find that when all the green is covered up and gone for the year, it is even more important to me to enjoy flowers from this last garden year. We will get through this winter.

As to the contest:
Pick the picture that you like from the four that are shown below. You can vote at the poll at the top of this post. The more detailed rules for the 16-week contest appear at the post from week 1 which was November 16. You can find that post by scrolling down during November or by clicking on the November archive listing on the right and then scrolling to November 16.
If you would like to receive the contest pictures by email tell me that and it will be done. My email is
The winner from last week was the White Crocus. The lily competed well at the blog, but the write-in votes cinched it for the crocus. For the second week in a row the earliest picture was the winner.

Here was the voting (the second number is the email or write in vote)
White Crocus 19+7=26 or 38.8%
Yellow orchid 11+1=12 or 17.9%
Close up of alium 8+3=11 or 16.4%
Triumphator lily 17+ 1=18 0r 26.9%

Here are your pictures for this week.

1- Here is the artistic entry for the week- the pasque flower seed heads. (May 18) Pasque flowers, also known as Pulsatilla vulgaris, come in purple and red. In the bonus pictures there is the purple flowering one.

2- Here is this week’s splashy entry, the Monsella tulip- ever a fan favorite. (April 27) If you combine red and yellow you just about can’t miss. You can take an entire roll of film just of this variety, if there were still rolls of film.

3. This is the blue lupine. (June 1) If there were a color that is going to be able to compete with red and yellow it would be blue. Lupines would be the perfect flower, coveted by the florists, if the flower stalk would just bloom all at the same time. As it is, the flowers bloom sequentially up the stalk, always leaving something just not quite perfect. As we had a wet year in 2008 there were lupines blooming in the garden from May 26 to July 5.

4- Finally here is another daylily- this one named Bela Lugosi. (July 12) Don’t you just love the names? I have daylilies named Performance Anxiety and Francis of Assisi. This picture shows that if you want a good picture of about anything, take the picture when there has been heavy dew or a light rain.

Garden news:
I did obtain some Thanksgiving weekend bulbs on sale from the local garden center. This is now a real tradition. This year it was all crocuses. I planted 100 on Friday. And then there has been the snow. With the snow I do think that bulbs are now done for the year. We do still have some flowers in the garden.
In the bonus pictures this week there are pictures from this weekend in the garden.

So here are the bonus pictures.
First there is the pasque flower, flowering in late April.
Second there are various pictures of Monsella tulips.
Third there are other lupines, all from this year.
Finally there are pictures from the garden this week. There really are still flowers, or close to it, on this last weekend before December. There are pansies. There is a late planted fall crocus. There is also the one hellebore plant in the garden that wants to bloom in the fall. It bloomed on Thanksgiving 2 years ago, and this year it has 3 buds. I just don’t know what will happen to those buds. 4 days of 40 degree weather hasn’t opened them yet. Will they last until spring? Snowdrop buds have the ability to hunker down and last for months in the cold. Stay tuned.
I also had to move some of the hardscape from the backyard in anticipation of tree trimming. We created this little mini wind farm in the front yard. (They are pinwheels- you sometimes can’t have enough pinwheels) The neighbors already think I am kind of strange.

Enjoy the week, and say goodbye to a November to remember. Let us move forward together through the winter, into a glorious spring.


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