Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall- week 6- October 26

We are on the road this week. We are visiting the beach this weekend, in Chincoteague, Virginia, an island where my father grew up. It is someplace different. There are comorants all over. There is even a candidate for Congress named Velma.
The garden back home is ready for winter. All the plants that need to come inside, are inside, even if some of them only got as far as the garage. Some plants want a cool 40-50 degree place so they can just rest. That would include the amarylis, a wintertime joy.

Since I cannot take pictures of the garden this week I decided to give you springtime bulbs to think about. The big three are daffodils, tulips and crouses. So here are pictures of each. So dream about springtime and maybe you an still go to the garden store and get some more bulbs. In Iowa we an still tuck a few bulbs in up until Thanksgiving.




Last week the inside orchid picture was favored by more people.

I hope you all have a great week. While we will miss Halloween in Iowa City we have a good stash of pumpkins which will come out later this fall.

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