Sunday, June 29, 2008

summer- week 2- June 29

So this weekend was the time to finally break down and go out into the garden and tackle the weeds. And trees. There were walnut trees coming up all over the place. And poke plant- I think that is what it is called. Whatever it was I was using the tree cutting technique of cutting off the top 3 feet first before I tackled the stump.
I am not yet ready to have the public see the backyard. Maybe that can come after a three day weekend next weekend. That is not to say that we didn’t make some progress.

It is good weather for caladium. I get 50 each spring, half white, half red. I plant them in pots in April and then start sprinkling them around the garden anytime after the first of June I get to it. I am getting to it. It is rather like painting on a canvas. Put in a red dash here, a white dash there.

The lilies have started, with the Asiatic lilies leading the charge. There are some lilies that are pushing 8-9 feet tall. They don’t make stakes that tall at the hardware store.
There is a picture down below of what happens when the plant just gives up on the inadequate stalk, falls over, and just blooms upside down.
The first of the daylilies have started, including several of my own hybrids. That is really exciting when a plant you have crossed yourself blooms after several years of being a seedling. I really have to plant the seeds that are still in the garage from last year.

So what pictures do I have for you this week?

First there is an Asiatic lily in the front parkway called Tinos. They will bloom in the high shade of the front yard but they lack the vigor of what they can be in full sun.

Second- here is Mears Seedling 3, a real winner, and tall too. It is just about ready for a naming ceremony.

Here is one of the several Japanese Iris by the pond. They are happy this year.

Finally here is another Asiatic lily planted in with the coriopsis. It looks like one of those copper flowers that AJ Patti makes out to the Amanas.

Last week there was a tie in the poll between the orchid and the marigold.
There will be lilies for the next month. Here are some pictures of Japanese Iris. They will be around for the next week or so.

Here are more lilium, including the one that didn’t have a tall enough stake.

Here are more pictures. There are just so many flowers at the moment. It will only progress over the next month. The last picture is an orchid cactus I have had for 4-5 years. It had one bloom on it three years ago and I got a good picture. It really didn’t bloom the last two years. I did not know what was wrong. Well this year I came back and found buds all over it. Let me just say it is not red or yellow. I had help to move it to the front yard under the walnut tree so everyone can see it. I counted 45 buds. I think maybe mid week will be when it starts. This should be the plant of the year. If you are in town you must not miss it.

Enjoy your garden, and maybe my garden. At the same time remember your friends and neighbors.

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