Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Week 6- April 20

It is hard to imagine a better weekend in the garden. We had several inches of rain this week. It was dry this weekend, with ideal transplanting, potting weather on Saturday and then a bunch of sun on Sunday. The sun was just calculated to bring out the flowers that had been waiting.

So I worked in yard most of the weekend, potting things and planting things and yes, even doing a little weeding. There is that perfect time in early April when some flowers are up and there are no weeds. It does not last. Dandelions come north just about as fast as daffodils.

There is so much to tell.
The really great stuff…
I have found several things that have little seedlings coming up. There is this one Dutchman’s breeches plant we got several years ago. All of a sudden this year it has some little ones all around. I was starting to pot up some volunteer columbine when I discovered that what I was digging up was baby Thalictrum, all in a rough circle around the parent plant.
The pasque flower, planted last spring, is going to bloom.
The green crown imperial frillitaria bloomed.
Then today all the anemones came out and bloomed. Pictures will follow.
Then there was the star magnolia and the bloodroot and the dog tooth violet…and daffodils and even some tulips.

There are still a few things yet to come.
It looks like it is going to be a good year for bearded iris, and the other iris and the peonies. The Asiatic lilies are coming up, even the ones that got toasted by the freeze last April, remember that. Mush…Lots of things turned to mush.

This next week: the tulips should get organized. Some more crown imperial fritillaria should bloom.
So here are some pictures.
The pulmonaria have started and should bloom for a month.

Fritillaria- both blooming and waiting


Star Magnolia.


Remember that the garden is always open for visitors. Just walk right in. All I ask is that you stay on the paths.

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Judith said...

You get flowers, I get moles. Mole tunnels don't make pretty pictures. I don't know if they have eaten my hosta roots, or if my hosta are slow, or if they just said, no, I don't think so, en masse (very small masse). I do have daffodils and will have dandelions any day. Maybe I can entice my Mom (visiting) out to do a drive-by.