Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28- it's almost Halloween

October 28, 2007
It is almost Halloween. I am trying to figure out how to suspend a lit pumpkin from one of the plant hooks in the tree. Some of the hooks are empty since many orchid cactus are inside, avoiding the mild frost that came down upon us last night. It only got the tops of some things. It didn’t get the plants that were under the trees that still have leaves. It still had me scurrying around late last night deciding what plants came into the garage and which ones didn’t.
After a gorgeous weekend, even with the frost, many bulbs are planted. I have 39 new lilium, including some that will knock your socks off. There is this orange one called Elise.
I also spend the weekend pretty much finishing the pansy bed. I have a bed of pansies that might be 20 feet long. I started with pansies. The I planted one section with Crown Imperial Frittilaria. The next section has Frillilaria persica. The last section has Alium shubertii. Finally I put in about 75 little rock iris, of mixed colors. April here we come.

Here are this weeks pictures. First there are spring bulbs. Wait a minute. What does he mean. First there is a wonderful fall crocus shich usually would bloom earlier but I just planted them a month ago. The there is one strange daffodil. It might be a tender variety called avalanche. It is zone 6 but for some reason it is blooming now. I have had daffodils come up in the fall but I have never had them bloom before.

There are still a few Japanese anemones. Here is one that has been blooming for almost a month.

There is the monkshood, now blooming down the stem.

The brugmansia has so many buds that are just waiting to bloom. Did I mention that the sky seems more blue this time of year?

Finally there is an orchid that grew its buds out under the tree in September. It has come inside now but deserved a picture. Orchids are just the thing to carry a gardener over from October to March.

So that’s it from a still very interesting garden that is starting to shut down for the season.

By the way I have started selling jade plants for Barak Obama for anyone who is interested. They are all under the walnut tree in the front yard.

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Janet said...

I had to vote this week for the daffodil--it took such a heavy load on to it's delicate petals, soldiering on after the demise of its mates.--Janet