Friday, August 3, 2007

August 5- What's in bloom

August is a somewhat diffiult garden time. It can be hot. There is the letdown from the rush of daylilies. But you just have to put on your garden shoes and keep on truckin.
As to what is blooming there are the very late daylilies and lilium. As I go around town I see what other people have. Certainly hibiscus are hitting their stride. Annuals are good. I just planted 25 coleus, some in between the finished daylilies I can't say enough about caladium. I have white ones and pink ones. In my notes for next year I write down "more". It is a simple directive.

So here are pictures.

This is Flames of Hades. It is one of the last daylilies. It is almost 4 feet tall.

In the non flower catagory this week there was the most amazing spider web I have ever seen in the garden. It merits 2 pictures. You might not even recognize that it is a spider web in the first picture. The second one shows the amazingly constructed pattern.

This next picture is of a galardia. I just got a few of these a year ago. They are a keeper. If you deadhead them they really keep on blooming. They have been blooming for several months already.

I grow calla lilies. I have to dig them up but they store easily and are worth it. If I plant them in late April they bloom about June 1. This year I succumbed to a calla lily sale in June and planted about 15 of them. They like sun so why not grow them in the heat of the summer. So now this second crop is starting to bloom. It is August.

Here is one of the last lilum to bloom this summer.


dp said...

*makes a note to look for galardia*

Terrific spiderweb! Thanks for sharing.

Judith said...

Congratulations on the blog! Long may it flourish. I've added it to my regular (mostly knitting) feeds. Judith