Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12- what's in bloom

August 12, 2007
So here we are, almost half way through the toughest month. There has been timely rain which has kept the grass green, (and growing) and the hose put away. That does mean that all the time that could have been spent on watering should now be spent on weeding. If there was a weed that was ignored for a few weeks, it is now grown, like a weed.
I hope you have had an opportunity to look at the new garden blog. I am putting these weekly picture there. I am also posting several other entries during the week, taking advantage of the new medium to send out more pictures about particular plants that are worthy of more attention.
Once again the address is
I have set it up so that anyone can comment, if so inclined.
So here are this weeks pictures.

This first picture is the hosta called Sum and Substance near the front porch. It is a good size despite the April freeze that caused many hostas to have to start over.

This is a picture of the seedpods for the castor bean, a highly poisonous plant that some greenhouses won’t sell. I use it a lot, as it can get to 5-6 feet and create quite a statement by September. This year I have a little forest of castor bean plants, under planted with other annuals, such as Persian shield.

This is a late bloming lily. If you look closely, by clicking on the picture if you are at the blog, you will see the spider web right out there on the end.

This is a blackberry lily. It looks like an iris and then blooms in August. The old blooms turn into a round black seed pod, looking like, a blackberry I guess. The bloom late, grown in semi shade and are pretty neat looking.

This last picture is one of the rare late summer waterlilies. I particularly liked the shadow.


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